Get to know me in 25!

Get to know me in 25!

Hello everyone! Happy Saturday!

Seen as I’m new here I thought you’d like to get to know me a little better…

Why don’t you let me know a bit about yourself too!

  1. What is my middle name: Louise, don’t know where it came from but 90% of the people I come across that are my age seem to have it!
  2. Favourite subject at school: Definitely textiles. I loved it. It’s the only subject I got an A* in so I’m very proud of that!
  3. Favourite drink: Caramel Mocha/tea. Unless we are talking alcohol then it’s pretty much any cocktail! 🍸
  4. Favourite songs: at the moment it’s I would like by Zara Larson.
  5. Favourite food: Maple syrup and bacon pancakes 🥓🥞 🤤
  6. Last thing I bought: I last hauled a bunch of Lush products 
  7. Favourite book: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
  8. Favourite colour: Rose Gold
  9. Pets?: I have a cat called Smudge. She lives with my auntie but she’s still my baby. 
  10. Favourite perfume: Honestly I don’t really wear perfume but I love anything sweet.
  11. Favourite holiday: In 2010 I went on the trip of a lifetime to Paris. I got the tickets for my 16th birthday and I cried for a good hour. I was so excited and I truly loved it! 
  12. Am I married: Not yet! Hurry up Jordan 😘 
  13. Ever been out of the country: Yes. More than 15 times.
  14. Speak any other languages: I can speak Spanish. I studied it for 5 years. However, I’ve forgotten about 75% of it so I can ask for a beer and how you are. That’s all that matters right?
  15. Any siblings: No I’m an only child 👩‍👧
  16. Favourite shop: Now this is easy. It’s Lush! Closely followed by The Body Shop and Primark. Can’t go wrong
  17. Favourite restaurant: Frankie & Bennys or Pizza Hut
  18. Last time I cried: Last week
  19. Favourite blog: I read so many, I can’t possibly chose.
  20. Favourite movie: Bridget Jones Trilogy
  21. Favourite TV show: Gilmore Girls. Currently watching all series on Netflix
  22. PC/MAC: I would love a MAC but at the moment it’s just a PC
  23. Current phone: iPhone 6s in Rose Gold
  24. How tall are you: Between 5’1″ & 5’2″
  25. Can I cook: Yes. I cook all meals in my house.

Now I don’t think there’s anything you don’t know!

Speak soon!

S x


4 thoughts on “Get to know me in 25!

  1. Such a lovely post! & I had a cat called Smudge when I was younger, she was my little baby and she only had one eye but still super cute. Also I’m glad we both love Lush as much as one another, its definitely my fave shop too xx

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