Shop Miss A Haul 

Shop Miss A Haul 

Have you ever heard of Shop Miss A?

I hadn’t until I saw Danielle Mansutti’s Youtube Video from 2 years ago. Shop Miss A is an american site where you can buy Cosmetics, Accessories and Jewelry all for $1. They also sell various E.L.F products all for just $1. This all converts to about 82p per item. You really can’t go wrong.

As I am from the UK, I did have to pay shipping, however, it was only £9.95 so I definitely thought it was worth a try.

I didn’t have to wait very long for my parcel to arrive, I think I waited about 2 weeks which isn’t bad considering it was from America.

Without further a do, let’s see what I got…

Eyeshadow Palette

Ok, $1 for an 8 colour Eyeshadow Palette? Not very pigmented, not good for blending?

I couldn’t be more wrong. I actually do really like the colours in this palette and they blend so well together! Surprisingly they are very pigmented which was amazing. 2 of the shades are great for highlighting under the brow and for lighting up the inner corner of the eye (Top Left and Top 3rd) which really helps the other colours pop!


I literally didn’t own a concealer… WHAT?!? I know, I let the side down! Up until the last couple of months I’d been lucky enough to not really require a Concealer, however I have lately developed dark circles under my eyes so I needed something for that. A lot of the Concealers on the website were sold out in the fair shades. I spotted this one was available in my shade so I went for it.

It’s actually not bad you know. The coverage isn’t full by any means but it does definitely disguise between itself and my foundation. It also doesn’t crease either. It blends out super easy so again I am very happy that I bought this.

Cleansing Pad

Ok now this is something I weren’t even looking for. Sometimes when I’m using a Cleanser, I want something that will really help it work but I weren’t sure what to get. This little pad has a handle on the back to hold it with. It is really gentle but also does feel like it giving me an extra good cleanse. The silicone is super easy to clean after every use. I like it!

Make-Up Sponge

Beauty Blender Dupe? It feels similar in texture. I haven’t actually got round to using it yet but as soon as I do, i’ll let you all know what it’s like!

Eyelash Curlers

Eyelash Curlers are Eyelash Curlers, they all do the same thing. I like how this pair came with a replacement band though. They work, that’s all that matters!

Nail Polish Holder


I have never seen this type of thing before! (Am i behind?) There’s nothing worse than trying to paint your nails and trying to hold the bottle up aswell. I like how this literally can hold any style bottle. See here how its holding my Ciate Nail Varnish Bottle which is a very unusual shape. It just clips on the fingers and can be swapped as you swap hands. It reminds me of those massive lolly rings you used to get from the seaside!

I may have to place another order with Shop Miss A in the future and try some more of their products.

In the mean time, check them out for yourself :

Speak soon

S xxx


February Favourites

February Favourites

I really haven’t tried many new products this month, but, I have completely fallen in love with these…

PALMER’S Coconut Oil Conditioning Shampoo

I was after a Coconut Oil based shampoo for ages. I tried a sample of this product and knew instantly that i wanted the full size product.

I really like how soft it makes my hair feel, without leaving it feeling oily and weighed down. I have really long, naturally wavy hair and it sometimes gets really frizzy. This shampoo has really helped stop that.

The only problem with this shampoo is finding it! I searched everywhere for it; Supermarkets, Boots, Superdrug, and i just couldn’t find it anywhere. I eventually located it in BodyCare. I have since spotted a full PALMER’S counter in Superdrug so I can rest assured, when this product runs out, I will replace it with ease.

The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey Body Lotion

When this range was released, I couldn’t wait to give it a try! I do have very sensitive dry skin so I was drawn to this.

It has a very pleasant smell, it’s sweet and milky but not sickly. It is fast absorbed but you can really feel a difference on your skin after just one use. It doesn’t leave the skin oily so it can be used right before bed or getting dressed. (I hate the feeling of clothes sticking to me!)  I also have the Bath Milk from this range but haven’t had a proper chance to try it yet.


No7 Beautiful Skin Pore Vacuum Mask

I’ve been seeing a lot of Charcoal Pore Masks on the market recently. A lot of different brands have been bringing them out, they’ve been featured in blog posts and demonstrated in videos on YouTube. So much so, I weren’t sure which to try. I went in to my local Boots store and had a look at their No7 range and spotted this little guy. At £14 for quite a small tube I wasn’t sure whether to get it, but I did.

To say it is quite a small tube, it does hold a good number of applications. I mainly use it across my T-Zone which is my ‘Problem Area’. I have used it once or twice a week  for about 6 weeks and there is still a good number of uses left.

I find it works best after a hot bath, when the steam has really opened up the pores. It’s no miracle treatment, they don’t all disappear after one use. But it does work.



If you regularly read my blog, you will of seen this pop up in my February Glossy Box.

Since I received it I have used it pretty much every single day.

It’s not overpowering either, it’s such a delicate Rose scent but it lasts for a very long time.


Hope you enjoyed the read. What have been your favourites this last month? Comment below

Speak soon!

S xxx


February Glossy Box

February Glossy Box

After January’s Glossy Box (My first box) I couldn’t wait to receive their February box in the mail. And when it did, I definitely weren’t disappointed.

The February design was based around Valentines Day with L.O.V.E clearly printed on the lid. It was Black, White and pale Pink which do go beautifully together.

Inside it was lovingly wrapped in tissue paper and all the products were laid on the black straw.


I love that they always include a product card so that I know exactly what is included, what it is for and how much the full size product is should i wish to repurchase it.


Noir Eternae Youth Potion Face Scrub

This product confuses me slightly. Is it a Face Scrub or a Face Mask?

Either way I’m looking forward to giving it a go. I guess I’ll apply it and see what happens. When you apply it, it starts out Pink and then turns Grey as it starts to remove Impurities and Dead Skin Cells.

The full size product retails at £26


Utan and Tone Nourishing Night Crème

Now this one has me on edge. I never wear Fake Tan so I’m not sure I’ll ever use this product. It is a gradual tanner to give your face a natural glow that is lost during the Winter months. I imagine I’d wake up with an orange face.

The full size product retails at £25


Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey Treasures Strength Restorer Balm

I have never tried a Hair Mask so I am very much looking forward to this! My hair definitely needs some looking after because I’ve neglected it for so long. It seems really easy to use.

The full size product retails at £4.49


Ciate London Paint Pot in Fade to Greige

I love love love this colour! It goes on the nails amazingly. The brush is the perfect size for my nails. I can apply it with just one stroke. One coat is all you need as it is such a good consistency. I really really really recommend this product! (Can you tell?)

It retails at £9




L’Eau De Rose Perfume

A very delicate Floral Rose scent. I really like this and have been using it nearly every day since I got it.

This retails at around £20.


I can’t wait to see what is inside March’s box. Keep your eyes peeled as one of these may appear in my February Favourites…

Speak soon

S xxx

January Glossybox 

January Glossybox 

I decided to jump on the Subscription box bandwagon and opted for the Glossybox!

I’ve been looking at the different boxes available on the market for a few months, watching and reading peoples reviews and finally decided I wanted a part of the action.

One of the main reasons I opted for Glossybox was because of the price. I think, for what it’s offering, you really do get great value for money!

I absolutely adore the pink box theme, it is my favourite colour and can be reused as storage. I’m currently using mine to store all my product samples in: from Glossybox and other brands.

Without further a do, let’s see what I got:

Firstly we have the Nip & Fab Kale Fix Moisturiser

Honestly I’m still not sure about this moisturiser. It doesn’t specify what skin type it’s for but I’m pretty sure it’s not great on very dry skin. It probably works good as a preventative moisturiser, but as a cure, I really didn’t see much of a difference

Secondly we have The Balm Meet Matt(e) Trimony Eyeshadow

I love this colour! It’s so versatile. It can look amazing as a day time look but can also be deepened for a night out vibe. I blended this with a darker shade of red recently and paired it with a maroon dress. I think they looked great together! It looks awesome with a dark lip too!! It is really highly pigmented yet really easy to blend. Highly recommend The Balm eye shadows!

Thirdly we have Unani Illuminate Milk Cleanser

I haven’t actually had chance to try this yet, however it smells amazing! The consistency seems like it won’t dry out the skin and will instead moisturise and nourish the skin whilst it cleanses. I will do a full review when I try it out so stay tuned for that!

Next we have the Vitamasques Manuka Honey Face Mask

Again, I haven’t tried this yet but I’m excited to! The packet feels like it’s got a lot of product in it so im hoping this is going to be a dose of intense hydration for my skin! Hoping it smells amazing too!

Last but not least, Hairon Zero Crease Hair Tie

I have really long, naturally curly hair, so normal elastic bobbles have a tendency to get tangled up and pull a bunch of my hair out! However these have a super loose grip on the hair, but don’t fall out! They hold the hair but don’t pull on the hair, does that make sense? I hope so! They feel a bit strange until you get used to them but after a while you kinda forget your hair is even tied up!

If you want to know any more information regarding price please ask in the comments below and I will let you know! 😊

Speak soon!

Sophie x