Shop Miss A Haul 

Shop Miss A Haul 

Have you ever heard of Shop Miss A?

I hadn’t until I saw Danielle Mansutti’s Youtube Video from 2 years ago. Shop Miss A is an american site where you can buy Cosmetics, Accessories and Jewelry all for $1. They also sell various E.L.F products all for just $1. This all converts to about 82p per item. You really can’t go wrong.

As I am from the UK, I did have to pay shipping, however, it was only £9.95 so I definitely thought it was worth a try.

I didn’t have to wait very long for my parcel to arrive, I think I waited about 2 weeks which isn’t bad considering it was from America.

Without further a do, let’s see what I got…

Eyeshadow Palette

Ok, $1 for an 8 colour Eyeshadow Palette? Not very pigmented, not good for blending?

I couldn’t be more wrong. I actually do really like the colours in this palette and they blend so well together! Surprisingly they are very pigmented which was amazing. 2 of the shades are great for highlighting under the brow and for lighting up the inner corner of the eye (Top Left and Top 3rd) which really helps the other colours pop!


I literally didn’t own a concealer… WHAT?!? I know, I let the side down! Up until the last couple of months I’d been lucky enough to not really require a Concealer, however I have lately developed dark circles under my eyes so I needed something for that. A lot of the Concealers on the website were sold out in the fair shades. I spotted this one was available in my shade so I went for it.

It’s actually not bad you know. The coverage isn’t full by any means but it does definitely disguise between itself and my foundation. It also doesn’t crease either. It blends out super easy so again I am very happy that I bought this.

Cleansing Pad

Ok now this is something I weren’t even looking for. Sometimes when I’m using a Cleanser, I want something that will really help it work but I weren’t sure what to get. This little pad has a handle on the back to hold it with. It is really gentle but also does feel like it giving me an extra good cleanse. The silicone is super easy to clean after every use. I like it!

Make-Up Sponge

Beauty Blender Dupe? It feels similar in texture. I haven’t actually got round to using it yet but as soon as I do, i’ll let you all know what it’s like!

Eyelash Curlers

Eyelash Curlers are Eyelash Curlers, they all do the same thing. I like how this pair came with a replacement band though. They work, that’s all that matters!

Nail Polish Holder


I have never seen this type of thing before! (Am i behind?) There’s nothing worse than trying to paint your nails and trying to hold the bottle up aswell. I like how this literally can hold any style bottle. See here how its holding my Ciate Nail Varnish Bottle which is a very unusual shape. It just clips on the fingers and can be swapped as you swap hands. It reminds me of those massive lolly rings you used to get from the seaside!

I may have to place another order with Shop Miss A in the future and try some more of their products.

In the mean time, check them out for yourself :

Speak soon

S xxx


Yorkshire Soap Company February Haul

Yorkshire Soap Company February Haul

As you will all know, i am a huge lover of all things Bath related. I love trying out new brands and finding new stores where i can go in and be in my element.

A recent find of mine is the Yorkshire Soap Company. They have stores in Leeds, York, Hebden Bridge, Beverley and Knaresborough. My local store is of course Leeds but some of this haul is from the beautiful York Store.

If you have never been in a YSC store you are seriously missing out of an experience. They have 3-5 Tier cakes made from Glycerine Soap, they have cupcakes made of soap, they have beautiful Bath Truffles that melt to leave your skin feeling super soft and nourished as well as Bath Bombs that fizz for ages giving off the most amazing scents.

As you can see, i picked up 4 beautiful Bath Melts:

Night Night Sweetheart (Dark Blue Rose)

Apple Blossom (Pink Rose)

Strawberry and Poppyseed (Red Rose)

Violet Sparkle (Pale Blue Rose)


I also picked up a Night Night Sweet Heart for my other half because he really likes the scent. It is so relaxing and literally makes you go Night Night. It contains Japanese Plums, Pears and Pomegranate to really relax your body and mind.


I mainly picked this one up because of the design. But then i realised it smells of Parma Violets! Which are one of my favourite sweets so now i can’t wait to use this!


I cant wait to go back to my local YSC store to pick up some more goodies!

If you would like to pick up your own goodies head over to their website

Don’t forget to let me know what you get!

Speak soon

S xxx

Huge Lush Haul (Mothers Day)

Huge Lush Haul (Mothers Day)

We all know how much I love Lush. So when February 17th came around I went straight to my local store at Leeds White rose to stock up on their Mothers Day range. They still had some Valentines products left too so I stocked up on a couple of my Favourites as well as a couple of regular lines.

I’ll start with the Mothers Day Range products that I picked up. I think the range this year is truly beautiful.

Ups-A-Daisy Bath Bomb

This beautiful, double sided Bath Bomb is the perfect balance of Floral and Citrus.

It contains Rosewood Oil, Orange Oil and Rose Absolute. It really makes you feel like you’ve just woken up in the middle of spring, thrown your window open and caught a wiff of your nana’s flower garden.

It’s a really happy Bath Bomb.


Elsie the Giraffe (You’re Havin’ a Bath)

How adorable is Elsie? I’m not sure if I can face using her. I’d feel mean!

She smells similar to the Valentines Lovestruck Bubble Bar with that Sweet Citrus smell.

With uplifting Lemon and Grapefruit Oil she is really good to use on a morning to awake the senses.


MUM (Yellow and Pink) Bath Bombs

Again this is a sweet Citrus/Floral scent with Lemon and Sweet Orange Oil to invigorate the senses, but with Rose Oil it also calms the mind and makes you want to lay there forever. (Well, until the water goes cold… but you can always top it up….)


Your Mother Should Know Bubble Bar

Stressed? Give this a try.

It’s combination of Neroli Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Rosewood Oil and Orange Flower Absolute leaves you feeling calm and collected.

Recommended for night time use to send you off into a peaceful slumber.


Baa Bar Bubble Bar

Look at this little guy! This lovely little sheep really wants you to be off counting his friends!

Is there anything more relaxing than Lavender and Violet? No. The answer is no. Which is why they have teamed up to make this the most relaxing bath you will ever have.

The Soya Milk leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh, ready to slip into your favourite PJ’s and snuggle down for the night.


Pink Custard

Coconut Milk, Neroli Oil, Lavender and Tonka. Need I say more? Sweet and Floral. Relaxing, and It’s called Pink Custard… PINK CUSTARD!


That’s all I picked up from the Mothers Day range which is nearly all of it but not quite.

Moving on to what I picked up from the Valentines range…

Ladybird Bubble Bar

Peppermint is one of my favourite scents and this is one of the main components of this cute little guy.

The refreshing, cooling, tingling feeling from the Peppermint is soon followed by a Floral scent which I personally really like. The two different scents are very different yet they go so well together.


Lovestruck Bubble Bar

This Emoji is in my most frequently used on my iPhone so it’s only right that I would love it in Bubble Bar form.

Just like Elsie the Giraffe (above) he is very sweet and citrusy. I have paired this guy previously with Over and Over Bath Bomb for a truly Citrus burst!


Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

Again this is another very relaxing scent.

Lavender is so prominent in this lovely, sparkly, colourful horn it makes you really sleepy.

I sometimes pair this with the Lady Bird Bubble Bar as I think the scents really compliment each other.


Brightside Bubble Bar

Welcome to Summer!… I wish.

At least you can feel like it by using this in your baths. The Mandarin and Tangerine Oil really comes through and leaves you craving an ice cold Tango whilst you sunbathe. You also feel like you’re bathing in Tango. Just without the stickiness.


Blackberry Bath Bomb

I love the deep purple water you get from using this Bath Bomb

Bergamot and Frankincense Oil are sweet and relaxing which is great!

When I smelt this in store I was in two minds as to whether to get it or not but I’m so glad I did! The scent in the water is a lot better than the initial scent from the Bomb.


Floating Island Bath Oil

Vanilla, vanilla, vanilla. Heaven, heaven heaven.

I Love this scent! White Chocolate, Vanilla and Shea Butter make for a mouth wateringly good scent! I almost want to eat it!


Rainbow FUN

7 different colours, 7 different scents.

I love that FUN can be used as so many things! Soap, Shampoo and Bubble Bars. All in one lovely product. They’re so versatile and FUN to use!


MMMelting Marshmallow Moment

I have to constantly stay stocked up on these or I get Snow Fairy withdrawal symptoms.

I never really stocked up on the Snow Fairy goodies at Christmas and I regret it a hell of a lot! So I’m really glad these little bundles of joy are available!

The super sweet, bubblegum, candy floss heavenly scent is my all time favourite!


Yoga Bath Bomb

I can’t wait to use this!

According to the lady behind the counter, this should come with a warning to not use heavy machinery after use.

Definitely one for before Bed Time!


I told you this was a HUGE haul… but you didn’t believe me huh?

Well there you have it.

If you would like a more in depth review of any of the products listed above do let me know and once I have used them I will let you know!

Speak soon!

S xxx

February 2017 Primark Haul

February 2017 Primark Haul

Hello everybody!

So, at the weekend I decided I simply didn’t have enough clothes, so I popped in my car, drove to the White Rose and into Primark I went. There were so many cute blouse style shirts that I loved but I own too many so I refrained from buying anymore.

What I did need were some new Jeans/Jeggings…

I picked up two pairs of super soft, stretchy Jeggings in Grey and Black. They were only £6 each so I couldn’t say no. They fit so well, I don’t get that annoying scrunch at the bottom of the leg which I always seem to get with any leggings/jeans.


And what better to go with Grey and Black Jeggings? Grey Ankle boots!

These were only £7, an absolute steal! They are so comfortable to wear. Definitely glad I picked these up!


On the theme of Grey, I spotted this beautiful top.

The pale grey with the White flower detail definitely brings me into Spring. It’s perfect for day wear but could also be dressed up and look amazing at night! The flared sleeves add a touch of elegance. It really is a beautiful top.


French Kiss Perfume

I am not one to wear perfume, but this smells gorgeous! Its sweet and a little bit fruity. Not too over powering but it doesn’t disappear. I think the bottle is absolutely adorable. It was only £8 so I am over the moon. My Boyfriend spotted it and picked it out for me so I know he definitely likes it.

PS… Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon

I own a few bits from the PS… Makeup collection. These crayons never let me down. I mainly own the nude shade lipsticks so i decided to push the boat out and go a little more vibrant. I love the fuchsia pink colour of this lipstick and I love the way it looks on my lips. At only £2.50 it definitely gives other brands a run for their money


And that’s it, that’s all I got this time round. I’m sure I’ll be back in store soon!

Speak soon

S x